Predify | Convenience store
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Convenience store

Offer to the consumer the product he is looking for

Increase your sales

There is no such disappointment for a customer who comes in store not to find what he is looking for. He enjoys coming in your shop because he is used to it and he loves human warmth. But it is also obvious that he comes to find rapidly something he wants. The most important for you is to serve your customers according to their expectations. By limiting the stock shortages, your will be able, thanks to Predify, to increase significately your sales, extend your turnover and gain in customer satisfaction.

Limit your overstock

Depending on your profession, overstock can be like a dead loss. In any case, stocks are very expensive and monopolize our treasury for nothing. Even worse, the “bad purchase” can penalize you since your treasury can be insufficient to buy or make products that could be sold.

Predify is the solution to your problems, our software is a decision-making tool which will allow you to buy more effectively, or to improve your production.

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