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Offer to the consumer the product he is looking for

Reliable and strong predictions

Just like the products you sell, Predify bring to you some precise predictions on your sales which are reliable up to 95%. For the major tools, they are often purchased as a single and the time between two acts of purchase is rather long. In that case, sales prediction with Predify is essential, so as to serve in the best way possible your customers when they need. So the parameter of seasonality is very important since you do not sell the same kind of product all year round.

Also for the small tools

One of the strenghs of Predify is that it can be adjusted to your constraints of restock. It seems evident that the restock depends on the product. Predify has been designed to adapt to your constraints. Our solution is a decision-making tool that will help you to limit the stock shortages and to preserve your treasury.

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