Predify | Garden center and pet shop
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Garden center and pet shop

Offer to the consumer the product he is looking for

Predify, the solution to predict sales

In the gardening business, an accurate and varied stock management is needed. Some products have an important turnover factor, others have a less significant one. In order to answer to the customers’ demand regarding the disponibility of products, Predify is the ideal tool. Indeed, we have designed Predify to answer to your particular issues : the solution is able to predict your sales from one week up to a year taking into account all the different types of products.

Predify, the ally of seasonality

One of the important factors in your gardening or pet store business is the seasonality. It seems obvious that the amount of your sales vary according to the seasons. It is a parameter that Predify takes into account to predict sales that you will realize. The solution offers you to have the good item at the right time without having a too large stock.

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