What you need in retail domain


  • Increase of turnover up to 10%
  • Perfect inventory management
  • The right product at the right time


  • Up to 20% less stock
  • Link resources to returns
  • Process returns quickly


  • Respect your margin
  • The ideal price at the right time
  • Manage your business operations

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Frequently asked questions

  • How much does it cost ?
  • The subscription to Predify is monthly: the amount depends on the turnover that the solution is able to bring to the company.
  • What data does Predify use?
  • The solution analyzes, without altering, the data you have (product catalog, order history, internal statistics, …) to which it adds external data (weather, stock market prices, trends, …) in order to ‘get the best predictions for your business.
  • Who chooses criteria from big data?
  • Together we work on the most impactful criteria for your business. You realize later that other data impact your sales, no worries, Predify evolves with you.
  • The software decides everything?
  • Predify is primarily a decision support tool. An artificial intelligence certainly, who can advise at best, but it is you who decide in the end.

  • Are there developments on my side?
  • Predify works through an import / export file system. No significant development on your side, only some data must be available for the software to handle the analysis.
  • What guarantees me your reliability?
  • We fully understand that there is still a reluctance vis-à-vis the artificial intelligence. At Predify, we offer a FREE test: contact us and we will plan a test together.
  • Can I use only sales prediction?
  • Only the Optimization part of the price depends on the predictions; you can only ask for Sales Prediction or Return Prediction.
  • Once the software in hand, you let me get by?
  • Predify is a robot, not the team! We are available and at your service before, during and after the implementation of our solution: the human remains essential in our efforts, so Predify does not make any final decisions for you.

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Sales prediction for retail

Sales prediction is becoming an essential tool as customers’ expectations of department stores have changed, driven by technology and its evolution. Some customers move for their purchases in stores, others prefer to live the experience from home, online. Whether they are moving or not, your customers want to find what they came for: it becomes important to have the right product at the right time. Predify is the solution to optimize your stock: it is a real time saver for supplier orders and especially not to make mistakes, and thus limit breaks and satisfy your customers.

Anticipate sales

Thanks to Predify, save time in your supply chain! You already have a lot of tasks and time is running out: simplify the ordering process with your suppliers. You are in charge of a large amount of stocks due to the diversity of products and a consequent stock for each of them. Despite this, you happen to be out of order. Order the necessary quantities with Predify to optimize your storage space and guarantee sales unlike your competitors.

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