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Predify has been tested in many business sectors. See the results thanks to our case studies

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New! Our last case study talks about private sales

Many different products, a lot of stock, returns: it is necessary to have a good management of all these elements to increase its turnover!


Case study : Luxury

It’s not easy anticipating sales in luxury sector : few sales each day but each one is essential, it’s important to not miss them!

Case study : Ready made

Our client saw a drop in attendance, a decline in sales and an increase in inventories. Discover how he rebalanced his activity!

Case study : Automobile industry

The builders call on our client to be supplied in auto parts: it was necessary to anticipate these orders.

Case study : Retail

A huge catalog, a wide variety of products, large stocks, that's what our retailer had to deal with!

Case study : Pharmaceutical

Our client had to supply his pharmacy network, but this task was not always obvious to him.

Case study : Services

Sports events that attract more or less people, it is the latter that are problematic.

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