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Not a magic trick

All the Let’s Go team members are from the Web world, the retail or e-commerce sectors.

Our pooled expertise gave birth to the solution Predify.

How is the solution born ?

Sébastien PLENAT, Antony DEVEAU and Romain ROUQUET, respectively CEO, CTO and CMO of a web agency, realized when they talked to their e-merchant customers that what they needed the most was an effective stock management.


Indeed, in the day-to-day support of their customers, one of the issues was about the recurrent needs in solutions for a good stock management. Their customers called for a product that could allow them to anticipate, forecast, simplify the ordering process but also to limit the overstock.


The e-commerce figures also encouraged us to create a solution : 62% of the users are confronted with items that are out-of-stock. The most frustrating experience is the lack of supply in online shops selling clothes and shoes that concerns 32% of the buyers. All our team members are online shoppers and are part of the 34% who move to competitors or even of the 31% who cancel the purchase in case of inventory shortages.


We do not want to see the mention “Not available” once again ! Our goal is that you could publish “Available” on your product sheets and in stores all year round !


An algorithm, which was developped by our technical team, is the solution to this need : Predify foresees the e-merchants and/or resellers’ needs thanks to a close proximity to reality and with a dual objective :


  • to minimize stock outages
  • to limit the overstock.


Predify is now able to forecast up to 95% of your needs in stock

and allow you to cut up to 20% the value of your stock.

Predify team members

A complementary, dynamic and innovative team.

Sébastien Plénat

His years of experience as CEO of a web agency specialized in e-commerce allow Sébastien to supervise the team and to guide the business management.

Sébastien PLENAT

Antony Deveau

Young developer who began his career in the Sébastien's web agency, Antony, CTO, is in charge of the proper functioning of the algorithm and of the solution Predify as a whole.


Romain Rouquet

Starting his career in the Sébastien's web agency, Romain has 4 years of experience in e-commerce and is in charge of the UI / UX of the solution and of the digital communication.


UI / UX Designer

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