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What is Predify?

Predify is the solution of sales prediction that allows multi-channel stock management optimization.

Dashboard de Predify

Predify’s dashboard displays the essential datas you access instantly. Quickly check out upcoming overstocks, your featured products, your overstock, your time and money savings, your overstock expenses that can be avoided, …


Use our pricing tool to sell more and sell better!

Using our pricing tool, preview the impact of your margin on future sales: from your base price, indicate the margin you want to make on the product and observe in real time the prediction evolve according to your margin.


That’s not all! Predify is a prediction tool above all: it advises you on the perfect price to have the ideal sales while respecting the minimum margin you want to perform.


Predify is a decision support tool, you choose what to do!

Pricing on Predify

More than 100 analyzed criteria for right predictions

Statistics of your company

Festive periods

Commercial operations


Customer profiles


Stock market


Customer notices


Cross selling

Stock shortage

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A smart algorithm that increase your business’ performances

Up to 95% of precision on your sales predictions

More than 100 criteria internal and external to your business

Stock optimization

Increase of company's performances

Time saving on daily tasks

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