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What is Predify?

Predify is the solution of sales prediction that allows multi-channel stock management optimization.

Dashboard de Predify

Predify’s dashboard is even more powerful when he shows datas about products returns.


See at a glance the returns made, those to come to prepare yourself, as well as the cost of these returns in money but also in time.


Choose to display returns prediction by week, by moth or by year, you choose!

Returns listing details the list of products that will be returned in weeks, months or year. Organize this listing as you wish to exploit it according to your habits.


Predify is a decision support tool: it’s up to you!

Returns prediction on Predify

More than 100 analyzed criteria for right predictions

Statistics of your company

Festive periods

Commercial operations


Customer profiles


Stock market


Customer notices


Cross selling

Stock shortage

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A smart algorithm that increase your business’ performances

Up to 95% of precision on your sales predictions

More than 100 criteria internal and external to your business

Stock optimization

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